Bodywork Events

Summer Solstice Recharge: a Qigong Workshop

with Richard Thomas & Tom Watson
Sun 21 June 10am – 2pm £35/20 Booking required.
A special Summer Solstice Qigong workshop to welcome and embrace the longest day of the year. This major celestial event marks a peak of natural energy (Yang) and is a time of transformation. The Solstice is celebrated and ritualised in various forms across the globe. It is a fortuitous time to practice, when benefits are greatly enhanced. We will practise key exercises that enable us to open our senses and to draw on and cultivate the positive energies of light and nature, to restore harmony and balance to the spirit and to make our own offerings to Nature.
We will focus on forms that strengthen the Fire Element (pertaining to the sun and light) in order to revitalise and prepare us to enter a new phase, as well as celebrating the Earth and cultivating the ‘seeds of yin’ in preparation for the waning of the sun.
Open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike.
Book your place now to reboot at one of the most powerful times of the year.

Fire: an Elemental Qigong Workshop

with Richard Thomas & Tom Watson

Sun 19 July 10am – 2pm £35/20 Booking required.

Fire is the expansive phase of the Five Elements cycle. It is associated with heat, the season of summer and the emotion joy. In the body it manifests primarily through the Heart. Fire movements are graceful and expansive. The day will be spent exploring a variety of static and moving forms that connect to the Fire meridians and organs, including several bird forms.
The session will be gently paced and will be suitable for the beginner.

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