Bodywork Events

Wood and the Deer: an Elemental Qigong Workshop

with Richard Thomas & Tom Watson
Sun 29 Mar 10am – 2pm £35/20 Booking required.
The Deer is the animal most associated with the Wood Element and we will use several Deer forms that embody the animal's power and grace. The day will be gently paced and will be perfect for the beginner. Tea will be provided.

Wood: Form and Structure

with Richard Thomas & Tom Watson

Sun 26 Apr 10am – 2pm &Pound;35/20 Booking required.

In this workshop we will be covering a series of movements and standing postures known as ‘refinement through the element of wood’. This is a study of our form in space; that which allows us to exist, move and interact with the world around us.

Saturday afternoon workshops

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Booking Arrangements

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