Bodywork Day Events

Qi Gong Day Workshops

with Loz Speyer
Sun 12 Oct, Sun 16 Nov 10am – 4.30pm £45/35
One day workshops for relaxation, stress release, self healing, mind-body awareness, general well-being, and pure enjoyment. Each workshop will be a thorough sesssion of Qi Gong practice and learning.
For beginners and experienced Qigongers alike. Booking required.

Yin Yoga and Meditation
Centre Fundraiser

with Norman Blair and Maitripushpa
Sun 16 Oct 10am –2pm £65/40 Booking required.
Yin Yoga and meditation can help us open to ourselves and to develop presence and an ability to be with ourselves as we are. When we stop judging ourselves, it becomes easier to stop judging others and instead to respond from our true selves. Yin Yoga is a floor based practice where poses are held for several minutes. It is about softening and staying. There will be sessions of Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana meditation practices. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners.

WATER & THE BEAR: an Elemental Qigong Workshop

with Tom & Richard
Sun 14 Dec 10am – 2pm £35/20 Booking required.
Water is our deep potential to develop and change. It is essential to life, and in a very real sense we are water. When the Water Element is healthy it can affect the whole balance of yin and yang forces in the body and bring about deep vitality. Water is fluidity and flow, and these aspects, as well as its connection with the Kidney and Bladder organs and meridians, will be explored in both moving and static forms. These forms will include some inspired by the Bear, the animal associated with Water in the Five Elements system. The day will be gently paced and suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners.

Booking Arrangements

Full payment is needed for all bookings. Payment can be transferred 72 hours before subject to a £7 administration fee. After this point no transfers will be made. Payments for retreats cannot be transferred. Payments are not refundable.