Buddhism Courses and Events

Introduction to Buddhism

Ongoing courses with members of the Tuesday class team on Tuesday evenings.
7pm – 9.30pm Meditation, tea break and introductory Buddhism in the context of our weekly Tuesday evening drop in class. Discount if you book in advance for a course. £10/5 per class at the door.

Next course starts soon

The Three Lakshanas
with Satyanathin
6 week course. Dates and cost to be confirmed
Suitable for anybody who is interested in Buddhism and familiar with the ‘Mindfulness of Breathing’ and the ‘Metta Bhavana’ meditation practices.

Sculpture (Rupa) of Kuan Yin

The Five Spiritual Faculties

Five week course with Karunagita
5 Thur evenings 23 April – 21 May
7pm – 9.30pm £70/35.

The 5 spiritual faculties are:

We will all naturally be stronger in some of these than others. Together they give us an important model for developing greater awareness of ourselves and our habitual tendencies, then making an effort to deepen whatever aspects are initially weaker. We can also see this as a practice of integration, drawing together different the aspects of ourselves so we can engage with life more fully, deeply and enthusiastically.
Each week includes sessions of meditation with movement and walking as well as exploration of the theme.

Regular Study Groups

We offer opportunities to explore Buddhism in more depth in a regular weekly study group. These are by invitation. If you are interested ask one of our regular class teachers for more information.