Buddhism Courses and Events

Introduction to Buddhism

Six, seven or eight week courses with Satyanathin on Tuesday evenings.
7pm – 9.30pm Meditation, tea break and introductory Buddhism in the context of our weekly Tuesday evening drop in class. Discount if you book in advance for a course. £10/5 per class at the door.

The Threefold Way (Śila, Samadhi and Prajñā)
6 week course with one week gap: 23 Sept – 4 Nov
An ideal opportunity to find out more about the Buddha's teaching and the Path to Enlightenment. You need to know the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana meditation practices.

Sculpture (Rupa) of Kuan Yin

Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation

with Karunagita

Four Thursday evenings
Thurs 18 Sept – Thurs 9 Oct
7pm – 9.30pm £60/28

An essential overview of Buddhist principles and an introduction to meditation offering a means to self-awareness, change and spiritual insight. These courses are an overview of Buddhist teaching and how it is relevant within our everyday lives.
Open to all.
Booking required

Introductory Buddhism Afternoons

with Santva

1pm – 2pm Meditation £6/2
2pm – 4pm Talk, discussion and questions.
By donation

Tues 2 Sept What is Karma?

Tues 30 Sept Meditation – It’s not what you think!

Tues 18 Nov Do you have to be a Buddhist to be enlightened?

Buddhism and Meditation

Five week course with Karunagita
5 Wednesday evenings 12 Nov – 10 Dec 7pm – 9.30pm £70/35.
This course is particularly suitable for people who have already done an introduction to Buddhism and meditation course but is open to all. In addition to led meditation and support to establish a meditation practice at home, this course will provide an overview of the Eightfold Path, taught by the Buddha as a way to end suffering, or unsatisfactoriness. Booking required.

Regular Study Groups

We offer opportunities to explore Buddhism in more depth in a regular weekly study group. These are by invitation. If you are interested ask one of our regular class teachers for more information.