Buddhist Meditation

What is meditation?

Meditation develops awareness and clarity of mind. We teach practices which cultivate a still collected mind, and a warmer more open heart. Meditation is a tried and tested method of self development which gives us methods for positive transformation. Our meditation classes offer tools for finding peace and happiness in our day to day life. In its more profound aspect meditation gives us a path to wisdom and an understanding of the nature of existence.

At our Centre we teach two fundamental Buddhist meditation practices: the Mindfulness of Breathing, which enhances our awareness and peace of mind and the Metta Bhavana “the development of loving kindness” which brings about a gentle but radical transformation in our emotional experience.

For further information about meditation please see the main Triratna website.

Our courses are suitable for those with hearing impairments, please contact us.

Introductory Classes

Getting Started

Introductory meditation classes, suitable for newcomers, run every week at lunchtimes and in the evenings. The Tuesday and Thursday night classes are our most popular weekly events. These classes introduce the two core meditation practices that are taught at all our centres: the mindfulness of breathing and loving kindness practices.

Once familiar with these practices there are other options available; these start with a meditation in the first part of the evening followed by discussion. In one room the evening continues with looking at ways of establishing a regular meditation practice and how to deepen it, exploring ways of working with the mind and taking the practices into daily life.

The other option introduces key Buddhist teachings and seeks through discussion to provide a forum where the relevance and practical implications of the ideas can be explored. The emphasis of both classes is to help participants to establish the practices in a meaningful way in their lives.