Pilates, T’ai Chi, Qi Gong and Feldenkrais Method

Feldenkrais Method with Colin Poole

Friday lunchtime 12noon–1.15pm £10/6
The Feldenkrais Method is an effective approach for learning to improve our capacity for graceful action. It works by enhancing awareness through gentle exploratory movements in order to increase our sensitivity for comfort and ease. Improvement in posture, breathing, coordination and flexibility are among the many benefits the Feldenkrais Method offers the individual and it is suitable for anyone whether they seek improvement developing a performance related skill, support in recovering from injury or want to cultivate more harmony throughout their daily activities.

Pilates with Joanna Puchala

Sat morning 10 – 11.30am £12
Pilates uses breath and co-ordination to work deep postural muscles, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment. This class helps strengthen the centre of the body in order to reduce any lower back pain. The breath and relaxation bring awareness to body and mind.

Elemental Qi Gong with Richard Thomas and Tom Watson

Wed lunchtime 12.45pm – 2pm £10/6
Qigong practice enhances the flow of qi, our vital energy, calming the mind and energising the body. The gentle and flowing movements can help build strength, stamina, balance and coordination. Classes include both moving and static forms that are easy to learn and enjoyable to practice.

T’ai chi 1: T’ai chi C’hi Kung with Richard Thomas

Thurs 12 noon – 1pm £8 (£15 for taking both T’ai chi 1 and 2)
We will explore T’ai chi c’hi kung movements. These help develop balance, breathing, flexibility, coordination, and a calm mind. Complete in itself this practice is also an excellent preparation for T’ai chi form practice.

T’ai chi 2: T’ai chi C’hi Kung with Richard Thomas

Thurs 1.15 – 2.15pm £8 (£15 for taking both T’ai chi 1 and 2)
We will learn the popular and beautiful Yang-style 24 Form, also called the Beijing Short Form. Perfect for the beginner but with great depth it is also a great way to take T’ai chi ch’i kung further.

Qi Gong with Loz Speyer

Mon eve 5.45pm – 7pm £10
No classes on Bank Holiday Mondays.
For relaxation, stress release, self healing,
mind-body awareness, general well-being, pure enjoyment

Qi (Chi) is the vital subtle energy that gives us life and connects us to the universe, and Gong means practice accumulated over time. In Qigong we practise particular movements and meditations to link in with the pure universal Qi: in this way our energy is cleared, balanced and strengthened and problems are dissolved. Our subtle energy state can be transformed to improve our functioning at all levels - body, mind and spirit.

The movements practised may be slow and meditative or more energetic, both ways the whole body is gently exercised. The actual physical form is adaptable, what matters more is the quality of energy connection, so the practice is accessible to people of all ages and levels of fitness; it meets each person at their own level and takes them forward from there. No previous experience is required!

Qigong originated in ancient China and remains close to the roots of Chinese medicine, martial arts and Taoist practice. These workshops are taught by Loz Speyer, a long-standing student of Qigong masters Zhixing and Zhendi Wang, the founders of the Hua Gong style of Qigong. The fundamental Hua Gong forms and meditations make a strong basis for any healing, artistic or spiritual discipline, and are also sufficient in themselves - to integrate this practice into one’s life can bring far reaching benefits for health and happiness.