Sangha Events

NLBC sangha picnic

Sangha evenings:

6.30 Food to share 7.30 Event unless otherwise stated
By donation.

  • Mon 13 Oct
    These Rocky Heights Delight my Heart
    with Bodhidaka.
    Bodhidaka has lived for over 10 years in retreat centres, Dhanakosa, Guhyaloka and Gampo Abbey and has just completed a years retreat in our long term retreat centre Uttaraloka. He will share his experience of long retreats and tell us about the insights that emerge from this way of practice.

Seeing with the artist’s eye: an exploration

with Visuddhimati
Three Wednesday evenings 24 Sept, 22 Oct, 26 Nov 7pm – 9.30pm
Come to one or come to all three. £20/£10 per session
(£50/£25 for all three sessions).
If we open up to see the fleeting world through the eye of the artist, we discover the latent realities that lie behind visible things, each moment holding its own truth and beauty, there to be discovered if we really look. We will look at the ways in which artists communicate their worlds, alongside practical exercises suitable for all levels of experience.
Materials provided, but feel free to bring your own sketchbooks, art gear and tablets/ipads. Please book

Words and Music - Indrajala Sunday Club

with Sumana and Friends
Songs, Music, Poetry, Stories
Open hearts and open minds with invited guests hosted by the Indrajala Collective.
26 Oct, 30 Nov, 21 Dec
6pm Food to share 7pm Words and Music. All welcome. By donation.

Standing on the Threshold

with Abhayajit and Khemajala
Two workshops using story and masks to explore the parts we play in our own transformation. Booking required.
In the Footsteps of Gotama Sun 19 Oct 10am – 5pm £40/£19
In this workshop we are following in the footsteps of Gotama Buddha, exploring his Going Forth, what does it take to leave behind our old life and old ways and stepping into new ways.
A Grace Given in Sorrow Sun 23 Nov 10am – 5pm £40/£19
We are exploring compassion with Hermes the Greek God as guide and trickster who can find a way through city walls and battlefields.

Yin Yoga and Meditation
Centre Fundraiser

with Norman Blair and Maitripushpa
Sun 16 Oct 10am –2pm £65/40 Booking required.
Yin Yoga and meditation can help us open to ourselves and to develop presence and an ability to be with ourselves as we are. When we stop judging ourselves, it becomes easier to stop judging others and instead to respond from our true selves. Yin Yoga is a floor based practice where poses are held for several minutes. It is about softening and staying. There will be sessions of Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana meditation practices. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners.

Moving with Mindfulness

with Lalitaraja and Mafe Toledo
Sun 23 Nov 10am – 5pm
By donation (Suggested £45/30) Booking required
Through a meditative approach participants will increase body awareness and explore their own way of dancing. We will look into different body parts to finish the day with a clear, embodied sense of how they connect with each other. Suitable for anyone interested in movement and meditation –no previous experience needed.

Drinking Tea with the Ancient Sages

with Prabhasvara
Sat 13 Dec 10 –4pm £45/30 tea provided. Booking required.
The day will include meditation and two ancient style Tea ceremonies. There will also be a more informal discussion about the power organic, ancient-tree Tea has to connect us to ourselves, to others, and to Nature. We will also be drawing from the ancient Zen canon's stories featuring Tea and relating them to our practice in modern times within the Triratna tradition.
Prabhasvara has spent the past three years in Asia studying Tea with several famous Masters.