Festivals & Pujas

Main Shrine

Buddha Day Festival

with Visuddhimati and friends
Sunday 10 May 10am –5pm.
Meditation, reflection and ritual to mark the Enlightenment of the Buddha. We will reflect on the Buddha’s experience of enlightenment. There will be a symposium of talks at 2pm on the theme of Enlightenment and personal inspirations.
All welcome. By donation.

Full Moon Pujas

Friday evenings 7.30 – 9.30pm Dec 13, Jan 17, Feb 14
For those with experience of our basic meditation practices

Special Pujas with invited guests Our guest leaders will be introducing us to a Buddha or Bodhisattva with whom they have a strong connection.

  • 1 May
    Led by Akasamitra dedicated to Vairocana
  • 5 June
    Led by Mahamani dedicated to Pandaravasini
  • 3 July
    Led by Karunagita dedicated to Amoghasiddhi
  • 31 July
    Led by Abhilasa dedicated to Buddha tbc
  • 4 Sept
    Led by Dharmaprabha dedicated to Avalokitesvara
  • 23 Oct
    Led by Suryagupta dedicated to Vajrasattva

    Meditation and Puja made Easy

    with Dharmaprabha and Kusaladana
    Once a month on Friday evenings
    15 May, 19 June, 17 July, 14 Aug 7.30 –9.30pm
    Would you like to learn more about Buddhist devotional practice? Are you new to meditation? Our Puja and meditation class offers space to meet up with others, learn to meditate and open to Buddhist devotional practice. A gentle way to finish the week and set yourself up for the weekend.
    No previous experience needed.
    You are welcome to bring food to share at 6.30pm.
    All welcome. By donation.