Festivals & Pujas

Main Shrine

Parinirvana Festival

with Lalitaraja and Visuddhimati
Sunday 15 Feb 10am –5pm.
Meditation, reflection and ritual to mark the passing away of the Buddha. We will reflect on the Buddha’s experience of death, and our own experiences of the loss of friends and relatives. Bring photos of those you’ve lost for the shrine.
All welcome. By donation.

Spring Equinox Celebration

with Lalitaraja
Fri 20 Mar 6pm Food to share followed by celebration of Jo and Sylvia on their departure to their ordination retreat followed by meditation, chanting and festive puja with Mitra ceremony.
The Spring Equinox was celebrated as Ostara in pagan times with its associations with the rebirth of the year and with fertility. It is a time of preparation for farmers - there was a tradition of bringing their seeds for blessing at this time. Bring seeds, actual or conceptual, to be blessed as part of the puja. The word blessing comes from an old English word meaning to make sacred, so we’ll bring our ‘seeds’ whether they are flowers for the garden or intentions for our life to make them sacred so that as they take root and grow into our life they do so with our best intentions.

Full Moon Pujas

Friday evenings 7.30 – 9.30pm Dec 13, Jan 17, Feb 14
For those with experience of our basic meditation practices

Special Pujas with invited guests Our guest leaders will be introducing us to a Buddha or Bodhisattva with whom they have a strong connection.

  • 6 Mar
    Led by Suryagupta dedicated to Vajrasattva
  • 10 Apr
    Led by Kusaladana dedicated to Prajnaparamita