Meditation Day Events

Meditation day retreats to inspire and deepen our practice.
You are invited to bring vegetarian lunch to share if you wish.
Booking required.

Mindfulness Day

with Karunagita
Sun 1 June 10am – 5pm
Karunagita will draw on her experience of leading mindfulness for stress courses and explore the mindfulness of breathing during a nourishing day of moving seamlessly between meditation, some gentle body work and mindfulness in everyday life. Suitable for newcomers to meditation and more experienced meditators.
By donation. (Suggested £40/30/15) Please book.

Meditation and Puja

with Kusala
Sun 29 Jun 10am –5pm
Day retreat with an emphasis on ritual for regular meditators.
By donation (Suggested £40/25/15). Please book

Connecting Mindfulness and Metta

A day meditation workshop with Vajradaka for regular meditators
Sat 19 July 10.30am – 4.30pm

Mindfulness is for every aspect of your life and over time you can develop a richer appreciation of all its facets. We will explore a range of meditations to come into a vivid and personally relevant experience of mindfulness. On the basis of the sensitivity which mindfulness brings we can more easily approach and enter into the constellation of qualities and skills which make up Metta. £45/25

Metta Day

with Karunagita
Sun 27 July 10 am - 5pm
A day retreats focusing on positive emotion and the Metta Bhavana meditation practice. The day will include meditation, movement, questions and discussion and explore how we turn towards what is difficult in our experience rather than separate ourselves from others and the world.
Open to all. You are invited to bring vegetarian lunch to share.
By donation (Suggested £40/30/15 per day). Please book.

The Breathing Body

with Sahajamani
Sun 10 August 10am – 5pm
Take your mindfulness practice to new levels on our meditation practice day retreat exploring the breath in the body.
You are invited to bring vegetarian lunch to share.
Please book. By donation.(Suggested £40/30/15 per day.)

Introductory Meditation Days

An ideal opportunity to experience the benefits of meditation in the context of a day retreat.
Suitable for newcomers and those looking for a refresher in our basic meditation practices.
10am – 4.00pm £40/18. Booking essential.
All welcome. No experience necessary.

Sat 12 April with Khemajala
Sat 10 May with Khemajala
Sat 31 May with Santva
Sat 28 June with Khemajala
Sat 26 July with Khemajala
Sat 2 August with Santva

Mindfulness Practice Day

Stand-alone practice days/workshops with Lokadhī
Sunday 13 July 2014, Saturday 11 Oct 2014
10.30 am –3.30 pm £40/25
Come along if you’ve already completed an 8–week mindfulness course and would like to support your ongoing practice –
or if you’re considering doing a course and would like to experience mindfulness first hand.
There’ll be an opportunity to ask questions about the course afterwards between 3.30 and 4pm.

Booking arrangements

Full payment is needed for all bookings. Payment can be transferred 72 hours before subject to a £10 administration fee. After this point no transfers will be made. Payments for retreats cannot be transferred.
Payments are not refundable.