Meditation Day Events

Meditation day retreats to inspire and deepen our practice.
You are invited to bring vegetarian lunch to share if you wish.
Booking required.

The Breathing Body

with Sahajamani
Sun 18 Jan 10am – 4.30pm By donation.
Find ways to deepen your meditation practice through exploring the connection between breath, body and heart. Sahajamani brings twenty years experience of working with the body and its energies through her practice of Chinese medicine. Suitable for regular meditators.
Please book. Bring vegetarian lunch to share.

The Four Reminders:  A day of practice for LBT women

with Mahamani and Saraka
Sat 14 Feb 10am – 5pm By donation.
The Buddha taught that we have a precious opportunity in our lives to develop, which it is foolish to squander. But how do we keep such thoughts at the forefront of our hearts and minds? How do we remember to remember?
The day will include meditation, dharma discussion and ritual.
Suitable for lesbian, bisexual and trans women who are familiar with the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana.
Please book. Bring vegetarian lunch to share.


The Seeds of a Creative Life

with Vajradaka
Sat 21 Feb 10.30am – 4.15pm £45/30
This is a practice based workshop with fresh and interesting takes on meditation, mindfulness and the creative process. Meditation and mindfulness have the potential to help us live wholehearted creative lives, especially when our thought, imagination, body experience and intuition all converge in one direction.
Open to all who have some experience in meditation.
Booking required. Bring vegetarian lunch to share.

Metta Day

with Karunagita
Sun 1 Mar 10am – 5pm.
By donation
A day exploring loving kindness and the Metta Bhavana meditation practice. Come along whether you hate the Metta Bhavana, love it or have never heard of it.
Suitable for newcomers and experienced practitioners.Please book. Bring vegetarian lunch to share. 

The Sense of Freedom

with Dhiraprabha, Santva and Yashobodhi
Sat 7 Mar 10am – 5pm By donation.
A day of friendship and exploration for women Mitras from the North and West London Buddhist Centres.
Please book. Bring vegetarian lunch to share.

Introductory Meditation Days

An ideal opportunity to experience the benefits of meditation in the context of a day retreat.
Suitable for newcomers and those looking for a refresher in our basic meditation practices.
10am – 4.00pm £40/19. Booking essential.
All welcome. No experience necessary.

Sat 31 Jan with Kusaladana
Sat 28 Mar with Santva
Sat 25 Apr with Santva

Booking arrangements

Full payment is needed for all bookings. Payment can be transferred 72 hours before subject to a £10 administration fee. After this point no transfers will be made. Payments for retreats cannot be transferred.
Payments are not refundable.