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Introductory Meditation Lunchtime Drop-in

We introduce two core meditation practices: the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana (loving kindness) practices.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 13.00-14.00
With: The Centre Team
£6/ £2 (concession)
No booking required

Meditation for Regular Meditators - Lunchtime Drop-in

Meditation practice session for those with experience of our basic meditation practices.

Wednesdays 13.00-14.00
With: The Centre Team
£6/ £2 (concession)
Going Deeper
No booking required

Hatha Flow

Destress and reinvigoratewith this Hatha flow practice, which flows mindfully from one pose to the next, incorporating breath awareness, attention to alignment and occasional music.

Suitable for all levels.

Fridays 13:30-14:45
With: Sian O'Neill
£12/7 (concession)
Open to All
No booking required

Iyengar Yoga

The Iyengar method places special focus on developing strength, endurance and correct body alignment in addition to flexibility and relaxation.

Classes are sequenced, emphasise precision, include a variety of poses and are designed to concentrate on different aspects promoting overall well-being.

Regular practice is energising and promotes excellent body awareness.

A yoga practice for anyone and everyone!

Saturdays 13.15-14.45
With: Fran Nixon
Open to All
No booking required