The Mitra Sangha

Becoming a Mitra

‘Mitra’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘friend’. A Mitra is someone who has been practising at their local Triratna Buddhist Centre for a while and wants to express his or her commitment to the sangha (community).

A mitra asserts three things:

  • I think of myself as a Buddhist.
  • I am trying to practice the five precepts.
  • I feel that the Triratna Buddhist Community is the main context in which I want to deepen my practice..

If you would like to know more or discuss becoming a mitra please get in touch with Santva (women’s mitra convenor) or Kusala (men’s mitra convenor).

Mitra Events,

Cutting through Illusion - for Triratna Regulars (start Sat 2 June)

3 Saturday afternoons exploring Buddhist insight through our direct, everyday experience. Each afternoon will include a short talk, meditation, experiential exercises, discussion and pointers to try between sessions.

For Order Members, Mitras and those with at least a year of experience of our core Triratna meditations.

3 afternoons
Sat 2, Sat 23 and Sat 30 June
With: Karunagita
By donation
Going Deeper
No booking required